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seanf2061 at>


TopScribe is a cross-platform utility to view TOP/NOTES files and
convert them to SVG. TOP files are created by the Tevion/Medion MD85276
digital notepad, or WALTOP's Digital Ink Pad. TopScribe will allow you
to access your drawings or writing, without needing Windows or the
original software.

Unlike the original Windows software provided with the Medion, TopScribe
converts the entire page into an SVG file, graphics included. The Perl
project "top2svg" is somewhat similar to TopScribe, but uses the
command-line only and is in German. In addition, TopScribe can read the
*.notes files produced by MyScript Notes (which comes with the Medion

Download the latest TopScribe jar from here, and save the copy anywhere you like.

TopScribe can be used in one of two ways:

1) Controlled by the command line.  For example:
    java -jar TopScribe.jar
    TopScribe will convert the specified TOP files (and/or NOTES files)
    into SVG files, and then exit.
2) Controlled by the GUI.
    Double-click on the TopScribe.jar, then choose the TOP and/or NOTES
    files from the selection dialog.  
    The selected files will be converted to SVG and also displayed in a

Release Notes
TopConverter has been compiled and tested with Java 1.6, but it might
work with Java 1.3+ if you substitute appropriate jars.

TopConverter uses Batik 1.7 beta, because Batik 1.6 doesn't work with the
DOM 3.0 interfaces in Java 1.6.  See:


TopScribe's project page

top2svg is a Perl command-line program which can also convert TOP files into SVG.
I only discovered it when I was trying to think of a name for my program, and
decided to check out the name "top2svg"!

WALTOP has more information about WALTOP's Digital Ink Pad (which appears to be identical
to my Medion MD85276 from Aldi).

Source code
The source code for TopScribe available from SourceForge here.

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